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Title: Not Saying No
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Entourage
Pairing: Vince/Eric
Word Count: 2,285
Written for: [ profile] storydivagirl won me in the last Sweet Charity auction and requested Vince/Eric post-season two fic.
Thanks: To [ profile] dancinbutterfly for all the hand-holding and encouragement.
Summary: Keep Vince happy. That's what Ari had said.
Disclaimer: Doug Ellin and HBO own Entourage. I own nothing and make no profits off of this.

The first day of filming involves Vince and Mandy hanging from the ceiling in harnesses for almost four hours straight before they break for lunch and Eric can only see so much from his spot behind the audio board with Cameron and Mandy's manager, but he can hear them just fine and all he hears is that Vince is suffering.

Cameron seems thrilled, though, and pats Vince on the back several times before letting him make a break for craft services.

Eric watches him make himself a plate before heading over, though he's not sure what to say. He knows what break ups are like, sure, but at least he never had to spend six months working with Kristen after they broke up.

"How'd I do?" Vince asks. "That last scene was good, right?"

"Great," Eric agrees. "You and Mandy really killed it."

Vince ignores that, just like he has every other time someone has said Mandy's name in the last three days, and Eric lets it go because the last thing he needs is for Vince to decide he can't do the movie. Again. Keep Vince happy. That's what Ari had told him. And if ignoring Mandy entirely when they're not in a scene is what keeps him happy, then Vince can pretend she's fallen off the face of the earth for all Eric cares. As long as he's okay.

"So." Divert the topic away from Mandy. Right. "Lloyd called this morning. Ari thinks he's going to have offices before the end of the month."

"Good for him," Vince says, nodding as he pops a cookie into his mouth.

Eric watches him carefully before asking, "How you holding up?"

"I'm fine, E. I don't need babysitting."

"Yeah, I know. You just seem off."

"Thought you said the scene was fine."

"I'm not talking about your acting."

Vince shrugs. "It's all good. I just want to do my job and then spend the rest of the evening hanging with my boys."



"Well, it's just that Turtle booked another gig for Saigon and Drama's going with him, I think. And I have a date with Sloan."

"But you'll cancel, right?"

If anyone else in the world asked him that, Eric would tell them to fuck off. But it's Vince and leaving him alone in Malibu after he had to work with Mandy all day is pretty much number one on the list of ways to be counter-productive in keeping Vince happy.

"Yeah," he answers. "Sure."

Vince nods. "And see if Turtle can score us some weed. I think we're out."


"I gotta go get ready for my next scene," Vince says. He nudges Eric with his shoulder as he passes and like a reflex, Eric's hand digs into his pocket without him even thinking about it and starts dialing Sloan's number.

She's disappointed but understanding and tells him to tell Vince she thinks it's big of him to work with Mandy after everything that happened. Eric knows he won't, but he says he will anyway.

The rest of the afternoon is spent shooting the scenes where the romance between Vince and Mandy starts to blossom. Cameron said that, given everything, he'd rather just get those out of the way so they could move on and both Vince and Mandy had agreed. Eric thought it was a good idea, too, but watching Vince get through it isn't any easier. He's sure on camera it looks great but he just knows Vince too well not to hear it in his voice or see it in his face between takes. When he spares a glance at Mandy, he sees that she's not doing great either, but she's not really his concern.

His concern is making sure Turtle gets back with the weed before the day is over and that Vince doesn't have another break down. And Vince can swear he's okay all he wants, but Eric knows him too well to listen to the bullshit.

The final scene takes three more takes than anyone thought it would, but in the end Vince nails it, just like always. Eric's ready to stroke his ego and tell him what a great job he did, but instead of looking proud as he walks off set, Vince just looks miserable.

"Turtle waiting for us?" he asks.

"Yeah. Should be. He's gonna drop us off at the house before he and Drama go to Saigon's gig."

"He's not mad at me for not going, is he?"

Eric shakes his head. Just figure it for Vince to not want to upset his friends, even when he's clearly suffering himself.

"Nah. He understands."

Vince nods and from that moment on, he's silent until they're at the house, and even then, he only speaks to say, "I'm gonna go wash this day off me."

Eric watches him head up the stairs, unsure if there's something he's supposed to say. All the things he can think of to say aren't helpful at all and he ends up wandering the downstairs of the house aimlessly. He tries to settle on the couch, but ends up getting restless and wandering upstairs. He can hear the shower running and fuck if he knows why, but he ends up sliding to the floor and leaning his back against the door, listening to the water.

When the water shuts off, he scrambles to his feet and makes a break for the end of the hallway. Fuck, what's he even doing?


He stops at the top of the stairs and refuses to turn around.

"Hey," he says. "I was just checking on you. You'd been up here a long time. I didn't want to have to call Shauna and get her to stop the headline, 'Aquaman Drowns in his Own Bathtub,' from going to print."

Vince laughs. "Sorry. I just felt...dirty."

Eric swallows. "Yeah. Okay. I'll be downstairs whenever you get dressed."



"You okay?"

"I'm fine," Eric answers.

"You won't even look at me."

"You just got out of the shower, man."

"So? I've got on a towel."

Reluctantly, Eric lets himself turn around.


Vince leans casually against the wall and shrugs. "It's called acting."

"Vince, what the fuck are you even doing?"

"It's not like we never have before."

"That was once and it was the night before you were flying out here. We thought we were never going to see each other again."


"So that was different."

"You're not saying no."


"You're not saying no. And we only have the house to ourselves for a couple more hours, so we might as well save the arguing for later and just skip to the good part now."

Eric stares at him. "Hours?"

"What can I say, E? I've got stamina."

"We still shouldn't."

"But you're still not saying no," Vince answers.


"I'll let you fuck me."

Eric nearly chokes. "What?"

"Are you coming?"

Possibly right now in my pants, Eric thinks, but all he can manage to do is nod.

How he makes it to Vince's bedroom is beyond him. It would be difficult under normal circumstances after being asked that, but having to follow Vince when he's already naked is just pushing it.

"Have you ever even—" Eric starts, but Vince cuts him off by kissing him.

"I've done it to enough girls to know how it works."

Eric nods and runs his fingers through Vince's hair. It's still wet from his shower and his fingers slide through it easily as he angles Vince's mouth down to his again.

"Get on the bed," he murmurs.

He tries not to undress so fast that he looks desperate, but Vince is kneeling on the bed, bottle of lube beside him, and two of his fingers are disappearing between his legs.

So he's desperate.

As soon as he kicks off his jeans, he pushes Vince onto his back and kneels between his legs. "Let me."

"You better slow down, E. I told you. Hours."

"I tell you to get on the bed and you start fingering yourself and I'm the one who needs to slow down?"

Vince laughs. "Good point."

"Give me the lube."

Vince holds it off to the side. "You'll have to take it from me."

Eric dives for it and gets knocked off balance, falling onto his back as Vince rolls on top of him.


Vince shakes his head and takes Eric's hand in one of his, using the other to pour lube onto it.

"What are you—"

"Will you just trust me, E?" Vince says, and then he's guiding Eric's fingers to him and pushing two of them inside.

"Jesus, Vince."

Vince doesn't say a word, just rocks himself back against Eric's fingers.

"You know for the first year I was out here, any time I had to do a love scene, I'd think of that night before I left?"

Eric's stomach turns over and he pushes his fingers deeper into Vince. "You did?"

"Not the sex scenes, 'cause the actresses are usually hot, but the actual love scenes, yeah."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Method acting. You're supposed to think of something that makes you feel the way you're supposed to feel in the scene."

"I know what method acting is."

"Then why'd you ask me?"

"I don't know."

Vince's hand covers his and he guides another of Eric's fingers into himself. "Do you ever think about it?"


"Why haven't we done it since then?"

Eric might be able to laugh it off if Vince didn't sound so genuinely curious.

"Because we shouldn't be doing it now."

"You know I've never cared about shouldn'ts."


"I know. There's a box of condoms in that drawer."

"I wasn't talking about that."

Vince shrugs. "Just get one out."

Eric twists underneath him, fingers slipping free as he gropes through the drawer until his fingers close over a foil packet.

"Get on your back," Eric says quietly.

"What, you don't want me to ride your cock?"

Eric flips him over and rolls the condom onto himself.

"I think you know this is how you want it anyway," Eric murmurs.

Vince wraps his legs around Eric's waist and curls one hand at the base of his neck. He tugs Eric forward wordlessly, kissing him even as Eric is sliding into him, so fucking slow he can't stand it.

"Christ—fuck. You okay, Vince?"

Vince nods. "Yeah. Just...fuck, Eric."

Eric can't tell if Vince is cursing or giving him instructions but he can't stop himself from rocking against Vince. He just can't. It feels too good.

Vince captures his mouth again, bites down on Eric's lower lip before slipping his tongue inside.

He holds Eric against him like that, refusing to let Eric pull away until they're both desperate for air.

Vince's cock is hard, caught between them and sticky against their stomachs, and Eric runs his thumb across the head as he takes it in his free hand.

"E—fuck, E—"

Eric twists his wrist on the upstroke and sucks at Vince's pulse point, not hard enough to leave a hickey—maybe he should; that'd serve Mandy right when she saw it—but hard enough to make Vince pant and moan with want.

"I don't think we're going to make it to hours," Vince admits. His entire body twitches as the head of Eric's cock drags against his prostate and Eric can't really look away from that.

"Would you really want to wait that long to come, anyway?"

"Fuck, no," Vince gasps. "Fuck, just—right there."

Eric has no idea if he means that about Eric's cock inside him or his hand on Vince's dick or the fact that he's moved on to running his tongue across Vince's nipples, but he takes it to mean all three and when Vince comes, Eric knows he can't last much longer. It doesn't take much to pull him over, just a few thrusts and Vince gasping his name like a broken record.

They end up downstairs on the couch after they've cleaned up and gotten dressed, passing one of Turtle's bongs back and forth between them, and Eric can't really look Vince in the eye.

"You mad at me, E?"

"Course not."

"You look it."

"I'm just thinking about Sloan."

"What about her?"

"You know I don't like cheating."

"So dump her."


"You haven't been going out with her that long."

"Why would I break up with her?"

"I don't know. What I said?"

"What? What'd you say?"

"Upstairs. When I told you that I thought about—"

It hits him suddenly that Vince was completely fucking serious about that, that he wasn't just talking shit and it wasn't just lust clouding his mind. It feels like being punched in the gut, except it doesn't hurt at all.


"You don't like to cheat, so don't. Break up with her. Then it's not cheating. Either that or get over it. 'Cause I'm not waiting that long to do it again."

Eric sighs and rubs at his temples. He has no idea what to do about Sloan, but he knows that Vince is right. He won't wait. He might make it a week or something, but eventually he's going to ask Eric for this again, and they both know that Eric can't tell him no.

So it's going to happen. They will do this again and all that's up to Eric to decide is what to do about that. He doesn't know the answer yet, but he'll figure it out when the time comes. He always does.

Because keeping Vince happy isn't just his job—it's his life.


Date: 2008-11-30 09:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This was great. I loved it.

I love how Eric can see how upset Vince is and how he will always put Vince first. And I love that Vince method acts based on his feelings for Eric.

Wonderful stuff.

Thank you so much!

Date: 2008-11-30 10:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm glad you liked it. :)


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